Friday, July 8, 2016

Tune In And Surrender

I was sitting in the lobby waiting for my name to be called out. It was apparent that it's going to be sometime before it would be my turn. I looked around, it was a quiet space. I asked my self what's that I miss the most in my busy day. A meaningful conversation pat came the answer. 

I looked to my left, I saw another me. A smiling face with glitter of excitement in the eyes. I asked him why are you smiling? What's the excitement for? He didn't answer any of my questions. 

I looked away and wondered why am I hallucinating. I looked to my left again, he was still there, still smiling. "You been thinking a lot these days, most of which have led you nowhere", he said. "Isn't it about the lost smile?"  

I protested and I said, "Oh common, what rubbish. I do smile, and I do so everyday." But deep within I knew, it was another feeble attempt of mine to accept reality. With that moment of acceptance the other me sitting alongside me disappeared. But the voice lingered around, "You have been looking around in wrong places for what you been seeking, the one place you never bothered looking for it is within."

The meaningful conversations we desire for are not necessarily with others all the time. Although it's always a fantastic moment when two like minded people getting together, like a house on fire. Sometimes these meaningful conversation are with oneself too. It's just that introspection is underrated. But in fact a few moments a day spent with self could lead to great discoveries. 

- VJ says ~ Cheers and Peace 

Saturday, July 2, 2016

A Victim No More

She didn't plan it,
Probably she never dreamed it, 
But it happened, 
And it changed her forever. 

It's not the bruises that I care, 
It's her determination that I share. 
She had made up her mind, 
Not to give into forces of any kind. 

She laughed her pains out loud, 
Many confused it with humor. 
She has triumphed her fear, 
Path to glory in her mind is clear. 

You have all met her, 
She was there when you crossed the road. 
Maybe the one who walked past you, 
When you were busy passing lecherous smile. 

She smiles at the world filled with diminutive mind, 
The eyes which stare at her with lust and desire. 
She thinks of you as an unfortunate soul, 
One who carries tiny mind in their small pockets. 

You haven't fought the battles she has, 
You may never be worthy to walk her path. 
She doesn't ask for your attention or sympathy, 
She is too busy to be bothered,  enjoying life's festivity. 

-VJ says ~ Cheers and Peace 

Bubble In Our Minds

We all live in this bubble in our minds, 
Of complete acceptance of ourselves. 
Behind some of those smiles, 
Are disapprovals of your imaginations. 

It was never meant to be, you will cry, 
The way life is and the way you imagined it to be. 
Sometimes we find it too hard and harsh, 
To accept the reality as it exists.

Be prepared for the unacceptable,
You shall be hurt and bruised. 
They will call you names, 
You shall feel devalued and cursed. 

But then life never ends with it, 
Endurance of your mind will be tested. 
You shall fail at times and be shattered,
But then these are phases you can't escape. 

You know it too well that you were born for a reason,
Giving up was not one of the options you choose to live for.
Just remember it's never over till you accept defeat, 
But you shall always be reminded that the battles will be many. 

One day at a time, one battle after another, 
Few loses and few victories along the journey. 
Determined we got to confront the unexpected, 
Never giving up hope, that one day we shall triumph. 

- VJ says Cheers and Peace 

Friday, June 17, 2016

Looking Inward On A Friday Night

They tell us to be happy, be in the now, be present. But what do you do when the now that you in is the source of unhappiness and the unpleasant. The need of getting away from the now then becomes imperative. 

The need is known, the desire is strong yet you don't move. You stay stuck in the now, whining and complaining. You feel you are shackled and tied. Little do we realize and accept the inability to get away is our own doing. The shackles are in our mind. 

Sounds silly at times that we become incapable in moments of low in life. It's okay  don't be too hard on yourself. It's nature of human life, there are moments of high and low. 

It's these moments in life that challenge our beliefs, our preparedness, our abilities. Some of these instances reshape you as a person. It makes you question your choices. It makes you look inwards.  

It's true that sometimes you need to go away from the now to get a better perspective. Although its hard when you fighting battles within your mind being in the now. The moment you succeed to push yourself off it and look at things from a distance, it all seems different. 

There is never a perfect solution. Getting away may not solve the unsolved. But then what it does is, it makes you reassess your present. A new perspective helps you realize that we may have misplaced our priorities. Being in the thick of battling the now, we may have got blinded about things that should truly matter. 

Never doubt the incredible power and talent we are all born with. Each one of us are unique. At times its not about others it's about us as individuals. Don't let your identity as an individual slip away in the madness of life. Step away for a moment, appreciate your self. It's okay, it's all right, it's not being narcissist, it's about being kind. 

- VJ says Cheers and Peace