Sunday, September 25, 2016

Take a leap of faith

Life always has few surprise cards stashed away from the deck of cards you are dealt with. It's not everyday that you chance upon meeting people who leave you with these little nuggets of powerful message.

Just the other day I was at this party on the shores of Kovalam Beach. Needless to say that after a long day of chatter and conversations largely related to work, the soul seeks a way to unwind.

In midst of the busy gathering a conversation that I had gave me enough fodder to share few interesting thoughts in this blog post of mine.

This conversation was with a man in his early fifties, I am assuming that his age should be there about. The conversation generally kicked off with the rhetorical question, "so what do you do?" "Travel photography", pat came the reply. Being an amateur photography enthusiasts I couldn't resist not engaging in the conversation.

The next few minutes we talked at length about the places he has traveled to and some of the recent pictures he has shot.

The interesting part of the conversation was when he told about having given up a 27 year old career as an advertising guy, in his early fiftees to purse his passion for travel photography.

The zeal with which he spoke about his passion and the glitter in his eyes made it very evident that the soul within him was at a joyfull high. He spoke with a serene sense of satisfaction.

Chasing your passion isn't driven by age, the realization is intrinsic to one's existence. What I do realize is the reality that we need to push ourselves out of the comfort zone. The false pretexts to deny our souls what it craves for. Freedom is what it seeks to work toward fulfillment.

I have seen that glow many a times, adorning the face of the people who are living their passion. It's never about how other people feel about it, it's about how we as individuals feel about our passion.

When you decide to shut your ears to the cynics and take a leap of faith with open arms, a new you is born.

- VJ says ~ Cheers and peace 


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